Thursday, April 26, 2007

Making Disciples - A Homeschool Mom's Great Commission

Like many of you, I spent years in women's Bible studies, growing in my knowledge and understanding of the Lord and His Word. I'm so thankful for that time in my life of spiritual growth, and was loath to give it up for the homeschooling years.

One day, during my quiet time, God impressed a profound truth upon my heart. The Lord had grown me during that time, not just for my own personal development, but to pass on these truths to my disciples. And disciples are what God has given me in my children and through homeschooling! What a responsibility! Sounds just like the Great Commission. Wow. Is that what homeschooling is really all about? Making disciples? As I became aware of this incredible responsibility, I was instantly aware of how I had failed. With all my disciple training time, I had spent most of it teaching direct objects, how to spell "their, they're and there," and how to carry and borrow. All important things, of course. But not nearly as important as nourishing their souls with spiritual truths and conveying to them the teaching that was passed on to me.

But could a six year old really grasp the profound implications of our covenant relationship with Jesus? Yes, I soon learned. My six year old has accepted Christ, and has the Spirit of the Living God within, and the ability to discern Spiritual truths. Yes, he can only respond to the light which he has been given, and only on the level with which his personality and maturity allow; but isn't that true of all of us?

Worship time with my children has become the highlight of each morning. Rather soon after breakfast and chores, we gather around on the couch for a delightful time of fellowship, prayer and learning. As with all the things we do consistently, our morning worship is not a big complicated affair. It's easy for me, and thus always gets done. We read, talk, share our thoughts and pray.
I utilize devotionals from trusted Bible teachers to fuel our discussions. If you have already read Leading Little Ones to God,, or if most of your students are middle schoolers, choose an adult devotional. Sadly, devotionals for kids are often too elementary or concern issues found in public schools - such as popular kids and bullies. Most homeschooled kids are capable of understanding the deep spiritual truths found in adult level devotionals. I recommend looking for something from someone you trust. When you run across concepts and vocabulary that are too difficult for your kids to understand, stop and explain it in words they can understand. This will foster such spiritual closeness, and make the Word of God come alive in their lives. In addition, it will bless you as you remember and discuss the glorious nature of God, our relationship to Him, and the many wonderful truths you have learned throughout your walk with Him.

Yes, our time of being taught has come to a temporary closure, and now we bear the responsibility to train our disciples - living out the Great Commission in our homes, remembering the words of Paul, "Therefore be careful how you walk, not as the unwise but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil."

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