Thursday, April 26, 2007

Treasures in the Snow

I'm always looking for good books to read aloud to my crew that are well written, interesting, captivating and teach godly character and incredible lessons for life. We began Treasures of the Snow by Patricial St. John the other day, and all I can say is "WOW!" This book is incredible. We have to stop every now and then to discuss the implications of what just occurred in each chapter. It is an amazing book. The author sets out to teach the Biblical lesson of forgiveness, and does an amazing job of weaving a tale where forgiveness would be very difficult. She also teaches little lessons in the book that are beautiful little snippets of a truth not often told. For example, there is a naughty little boy in the book. Later we learn that his sister was not very fond of him. Then the author says something to the effect that his sister's treatment of the lad was a contributing factor in his subsequent bad behavior - those who are not well loved, do not know how to love others well. It was a wonderful moment where we, the kids and I, discussed how much influence an older sibling has upon the younger siblings, how the younger sibling's self concept and attitudes are often derived from how they are treated by the older sibling. And we went around the room reminding each child to treat the younger ones well, with honor and respect.

There are so many, many lessons in this book. It's a rich treasure of spiritual discussions and life lessons. I can't wait to find out what happens in the end! I snuck a peak, but didn't read it. I find that I can't read the whole book before my kids or I will lose my excitement over our read aloud time. I need to be excited to get to the next chapter too.

I'm going to be getting all of Patricia St. John's books. She was a missionary who wrote these books about 50 years ago, I believe. Well, that's my blog for the day!

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