Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Always be ready...

So, after you begin your conversation about spiritual matters...what now? Well, when I took Evangelism Explosion - a course wherein we went out in teams and witnessed to people in airports, malls and college campuses - we learned to have our testimony down to a three minute spiel. The little speech should begin with how you felt before you were a Christian "lacking in peace, lacking in joy, looking for answers", then the testimony of your conversion to Christ, ending with how you feel now. No one can argue with your feelings. This is your personal testimony and by the "word of their testimony, the enemy is defeated." Personal experience is by far the most powerful method the media uses. God thought it up first with the testimony. But we do need to write it out, and taper it down to a three minute or less spiel, and practice it until it easily flows when we are conversing with strangers or friends.

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