Thursday, June 7, 2007

Focus on Leadership

Homeschoolers have an obvious advantage academically. They have one-on-one tutoring all day, any day. Learning isn't confined to a building down the street. Life becomes a life of learning, a lifestyle of learning - life is school and learning is the most natural thing in the world. They discuss what they've learned during the afternoons, evenings and at bedtime. The entire family can enter into the discussion, because everyone is learning together. They will remember the battle of waterloo, not for a test, but because it was an interesting discussion. As one mom reported, they will explain to grandpa why the water makes a rainbow and discuss all the intricacies of the earth's atmosphere, the sun and light waves. This is natural.

However, simply because one has a bounty of knowledge, does not mean they will become a leader. Frankly, this country - every country - needs leadership. We look to leaders to govern, to rule, to lead the way and make decisions that will affect our lives and the lives of our children. Who will the leaders of the next generation be?

I believe the next generation of leaders will be those who are trained to be leaders. They are taught that they have the ability to lead, and how to lead. They are usually interested in politics and government or in evangelism and ministry. They will be those who are trained to speak. The most influential leaders will be those who are trained in debate and leadership skills. They will have been given opportunities to make a difference in the world. They will be those who know how to take the platform with confidence.

If we give our children a great academic education, that is excellent. But let's make an effort to give them even more than that. Let's give them an opportunity to learn how to lead. We have the ability to raise up a generation of leaders who can powerfully influence this country for good.

There are so many wonderful organizations that are designed to train homeschoolers for leadership. If we can simply make the effort to get involved in one or more of these organizations, we will give our children a greater opportunity to become of the leaders of this nation. One of the leaders we so desperately need - one who is mature, grounded in the wisdom that comes from above, discerning and able to judge good from evil. If we do not train our children to become the leaders - someone else will fill those shoes for us. But will that someone be someone that is truly qualified to lead?

Some organizations that you can get involved with that seek to create leaders of your homeschooled children are:

1. Teenpact

2. Summit with Worldview Weeks for Teens (every teen should go).

3. Generation Joshua

4. Communicators for Christ

5. Student Statesman - a Michigan based leadership training force

6. National Christian Forensics & Communications Assocation

All of these are organizations I want my children to become a part of. We are currently involved in both Teenpact, NCFCA and CFC. If Teenpact or Communicators for Christ are having conferences in your area, I urge you to go. It will change your life for the better, and challenge your children to become leaders. I plan to send each of my children to Summit when they are in fifteen or sixteen. I've seen and heard of children becoming forever changed from this experience.

We have before us a unique opportunity to return this nation to its historic roots. Let us seek God's will and see if we might be called to make a difference, if our children might be the next leader that will come to the aide of our country.

May the Lord bless you as you continue to pursue His plan and purpose and path for your precious children.

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