Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I want to share some of the things we did for geography in our homeschool. Our method was not only educational, it was a blessedly easy way to do geography and it included incorporating living books into our studies.

Each summer at the homeschool convention we scoped out the YWAM booth. We would purchase all the Heroes of the Faith missionary stories that took place in one single area or country (South America, China, Africa). I would then organize them chronologically. Before beginning the books, we’d do a one or two week unit on the country we had chosen. We’d make a little notebook or lapbook, with maps, minibooks, and such. Then, we’d begin reading (Truth is: my husband read to the kids at night before bed). It would take us all year to complete all the books we had chosen because we didn’t read every night. But by the end of the year, the kids knew a ton about that country, and especially about their Christian history!

One year we studied China and read Gladys Aylward, Johnathon Goforth, and many others. Another year we studied India as I was anxious to read about Amy Carmichael. South America led us to Jim Elliot and the others who braved the jungles there.

We incorporated
 A Child's Geography into our studies as well. Reading Ann Voskamp's books really made the subject come to life, as they are written with such rich and lively prose. I highly recommend them.

So that's a little peek into our geography studies. I hope it has been helpful for you!

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