Thursday, June 7, 2007

God's Workmanship

Each of our children is unique and so will be their plan for high school and college. We will not stamp a one-size-fits all high school plan or college plan on our children.

Thus far, two of my children are showing an extreme leaning towards a career path at an early age. My thirteen-year-old's plan is more certain than my ten-year-old's. Yet, they are both obviously bent in particular directions. With some children, God does not reveal their gifts, talents and future purposes or vocations until they are much older, sometimes not even until they enter college. However, as we ponder the gifts we've seen in others and in ourselves, usually we will discover that their were early signs of these gifts, talents, interests and leanings in childhood, often by middle school.

I began writing obsessively in middle school: poetry, stories, journaling and, of course, long notes to my friends which were passed and read during English class. Writing was my outlet and my therapy. I knew by tenth grade that I would be a writer.

My husband loved public speaking and being on stage. He showed these signs early in boy scouts and in school talent shows. This later turned into a career as a trial lawyer, where he thrived in the courtroom. He also loves public speaking. I think he should be a preacher.

I remember once reading an article about Donald Trump. His parents would get so frustrated with him because as a very young child, he would build gigantic elaborate structures and buildings out of his blocks. When they tried to help him clean it up, they learned that he had glued the entire thing together.

I think that if we begin to really study our children, we will see a special intersts or talents shimmering more brightly than all their other interests. The passions and interests they have which carry on from year to year are something to consider, perhaps they are from the Lord. These small glimpses into the heart are often part of the purpose God has set forth for them. Somehow, that interest will translate into a vocation or ministry.

Let us nurture these precious children - these young souls that bear the image of God - in the shelter and greenhouse of our family bond, our love and protection. Let us find ways to develop and enhance their special interests and passions and lead our little image-bearers down the path that God has set forth for them.

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10

Think back to your childhood days. What do you remember feeling really good about doing? What did you accomplish in elementary school that made you feel great? Did you do anything similar in middle or high school? What made you feel really accomplished and successful? Was it working with your hands? Was it speaking? Building things? Teaching other children? Selling things? Was it writing? Was it decorating or dressing up your dolls? Experimenting? Astronomy? Botany? Zoology? (Great subjects, by the way! LOL!)

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