Thursday, June 7, 2007


Today our Bible study focused on Joshua. During the study I was compelled to consider, "What is my Jericho and who are the Canaanites I must overcome in order to win Jericho?" It was only seconds later that I knew in my heart that my Jericho, my promised land, the journey I’m on and the place I hope to reach is a home surrounded by godly adult children.

I desire that all my children become adults that are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, earnest in their relationship with God, passionate about the things of God, fulfilling their God-given calling – the work they were created to do – married to godly people that have the same love and sensitivity to the Lord, loving, wise spouses and parents. That is my promised land. That is the family which I pray surrounds me on my death bed.

So, who are the Canaanites that would like to lay claim to my land? Who are the usurpers, that want to steal this land from my family? The culture. The morals. The enemies of God. Satan, of course. He would do this through music, through movies, through friends, through other adults and authorities that I thought I could trust (Satan is crafty and deceitful), through my lack of diligence or prayerlessness. These Canaanites would take every opportunity I allowed them: every time I allowed my child too much freedom and independence, or too much unsupervised time.

But I know that, like Joshua, I must first believe. Believe that God does intend for us to reach our promised land. He desires it, as I do. Believe, then pray. Pray in faith that God will fight this battle. Pray for God to win this battle. Seek His directions concerning every detail of this battle. Then obey. And sometimes that obedience requires me to do some unpopular things. Marching around a huge wall with a tooting trumpet probably looked pretty weird to those who would not have them win the city. Some of the things I feel God is telling us to do probably look absurd to others as well. But only through obedience will the victory be won. We must seek God, and then follow Him. Oh PRAISE the LORD that we serve a God that will lead us if we trust Him to do it. He will show us the path to take.

“And whenever you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear this command behind you: "This is the way. Walk in it."

Isaiah 30:21

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