Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Sheep Know My Voice

"And whenever you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear this command behind you: 'This is the way. Walk in it.'" Isaiah 30:21

Here we see a promise from God to His children. He will show us which way to go, what to do and how to live each moment. This is not just talking about the big decisions, whether you should homeschool or not, where to live, whether you should sell your house and be a missionary in Africa. God has the abiliy - not just the ability - the desire to lead us in every decision we make. He wants us to be attentive to His still small whisper that tells us which path to take this very second.

I remember the first time I learned this. I had been a Christian several years, and became close friends with a gal who had been a Christian since she could walk. We were in a spiritual friendship - God was our main topic of conversation. She was younger than me, but with a great deal more knowledge and maturity. Her name is Heather (Yes, my daughter bears her name, today).

She loved to cook. She told me she had been at the store about to buy pineapples for this chutney she made every week. She was reaching for the can of pineapples when she felt that still small voice tell her to buy a different can. It was so sudden and odd that she decided she would do it, though she was skeptical. She took that can home and opened it, and realized that she had just opened a can of pineapples that were cut into the exact size pieces that she labored to cut her pineapples into every week.

Does God care about pineapple chunks? I know it's hard to believe that He would take the time to lead us in such small things. If God notices every detail about the ant hill under the ground, what each ant's job is, would he not so much more care about the details of your life. You are made in His image; you the crown of His creation. He delights over you with singing. He wants to lead you. His Word says He is your counselor! He promises that if you will listen, you will hear His command behind you, showing you which way to walk - yes, even when you are picking cans off the shelf at the grocery store.

Would this same God not delight to show you which science curriculum to buy? Would He not love to tell you what to do about your child's math struggles? Would He not give you instruction concerning how much time to spend on spelling? He would.

Listen to His voice, for we are His sheep.

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