Wednesday, June 6, 2007


After we have read a book, when we make a notebook page or two about the subject matter, it really makes a huge difference. It gives the children a sense of completion. It gives me a sense of accomplishment as I see their illustrations and written narratives. They have just expressed, in their own creative way, what they learned when I read aloud to them.

Here is a picture of a notebook page my daughter did after reading about the earth

Reading aloud is a wonderful and important thing. Yet, we homeschool moms can begin to feel like it isn't enough, especially if we don't have anything to show for the hours we read to them. That's why notebooking is such a tremendous thing to do after we have read aloud to them. When you finish the book, have them create a simple page or two telling about the things they learned in the book

Going on field trips is fun, interesting and educational. Yet, who remembers the field trips they went on two years ago? Those who had their children make a field trip notebook do!

When you go somewhere educational, have your children write or illustrate a page to include in their notebook. If it was a historical field trip, have them place the pages in their history notebook. If it was a science related field trip, put the page in their science notebook. Then, you will have a record of your outing and a lasting momento of its educational value.

We just finished the book Sacagawea (actually I think it's spelled Sacajawea in this book). After we were done, I created some notebook templates on the computer. The kids drew pictures and wrote about what they learned on these templates.

Five years from now, we may have forgotten that we read this. The kids may not have remembed the Snake River, the 100 foot long beached whale they found, and all the other interesting things we read. But now, we will always remember the knowledge gained. For once your child expresses her knowledge in her own words - it is truly their own.

Below are some notebook pages my kids have made recently. Two are from our history studies, and two are from the Zoology II book that I just completed. You can see how I designed the templates. We are now reading an Oregon book about John Sager, Onward to Oregon! I've made the template for them to fill in when we finish the book. I just love notebooking!

For more information on how to notebook, see my website notebooking page -

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