Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Possible Openers for a Spiritual Discussion

Here are some possible opening questions to lead in to sharing your testimony with an unbeliever:

So, is church a big part of your life?

So, what do you think about church?

So, do you go to church?

So, what place does church have in your life?

So, have you ever gone to church?

So, did you ever go to church when you were little?

So, did you grow up in a family that went to church?

So, have you thought much about God lately?

So, where do you feel like you are with God right now in your life?

So, do you feel you have a relationship with God?

So, are you into spiritual things?

So, do you know much about the teachings of Jesus?

So, do you know much about the teachings of the Bible?

So, have you ever read the Bible?

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