Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sharing the Good News

Why do we hesitate to share what Christ has done for mankind to an unbeliever. I believe it is out of fear of rejection. Our own fears. Usually we would emphatically say we don't fear that people won't accept us if we are a Christian. Yet we don't explain the gospel. Why? We do fear. Deep inside we fear not being thought well of, being ridiculed, or being considered pushy, or senseless or wierd. We fear we will fall over our words and look like an idiot. We fear being the object of scorn. We don't share because we want to maintain the safety and security we feel in the presence of others. But do we value our feelings of security more than the soul of another? I am ashamed to admit I have many times preferred feeling safe and secure, feeling accepted and valued rather than being about my Father's business. How utterly self centered of me.
I'm praying that even if I don't have courage, I will care less about my feelings of security than about the eternal resting place of those in my company.

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