Wednesday, June 6, 2007

To whom much is given...

Have you ever wondered why God has allowed America and Canada to be so blessed with prosperity - clean streets, homes with walls, cooking stoves, cushioned beds and sheets, comfortable furniture with cushions, carpets to walk upon, cars to drive, 911 rushes over when we need them, beautiful colors, clothes, cleanliness, clean water, swimming pools. It sounds almost too good to be true - and when most people in India, China and other nations hear of our wealth, they can't even conceive it in their minds. It's a bit like heaven on earth.

The reason America and Canada stand alone in this amazing wealth is because of our spiritual heritage. Our nation was founded with a covenant that it was a new country created for the purpose of worshiping the one true God. We are reaping the blessings that flow through the generations of those whose hearts are fully committed to God.

But what is our responsibility? What should we do with all this wealth? If we look at the New Testament Christians as an example, we see them sharing all they had with the body of believers. There are believers in every country of the world that wear no shoes because they can't afford them. Every night their stomachs ache because they didn't have enough food. Their children cry from hunger. They have only one or two changes of clothes. Even in these hard circumstances, they joyfully spend their days witnessing on the streets to bring others to Christ. These are the Christian missionaries who gave up jobs and lifestyles to labor for the Lord; they live on less than we spend for our children's sports each year. I believe our responsibility, and what God expects us to do with this great wealth, is to give to our brothers and sisters in Christ across the world, especially those who are in the business of spreading the gospel. These Christian missionaries and pastors have not the spiritual heritage that we have; they live in a land that was founded upon the worship of idols (which is really Satanic worship). They labor and work in a world that is hostile to the gospel.

If we share what God has given to us with these Christian missionaries, we are fulfilling the law of Christ - to bear one another's burdens. We are following the model of the early church, where each shared their blessings with other believers.

I highly recommend you consider sponsoring a native missionary in Asia.
At this website, you can read bios of missionaries that need support. What an amazing opportunity to be faithful with little.

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