Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What's a Biblical Worldview?

I have to admit, when I first began hearing about giving our children a Biblical worldview, I really wasn't sure what that meant. Of course, I could surmise what it meant. But when I gained an understanding of its accurate definition, I was moved deeply in my heart, and wanted this for myself and my children. So, for those of you who aren't exactly sure what a Biblical worldview is, today's blog will attempt a short, concise explanation. My husband always tells me, "the art of wit is brevity." I'm not known for being brief, but I'll try.

Let me begin by stating the importance of instilling a Biblical worldview. In Creation Ex Nihilo magazine, an article by Ken Ham, states: "In one higher educational institution, a poll showed that 80% of the students believed in God when they went in, but this reduced to 16% at the end of the first year, as the effects of evolutionary teaching 'hit home.' Those taught logical reasons for their faith, and shown why evolution is not true, have a much higher 'Christian survival rate.'"

The Jesuits accurately state "Give us a child until he is seven years old, and we will have him for life."

A Biblical Worldview not only teaches a child about God, and seeking to give them a firm foundation in their faith and love for the Lord, helping them to see how important God is in their lives. That is not enough. A Biblical worldview actually seeks to make the truth that all things are subject to God, and everything was made by Jesus and for Jesus, and nothing on earth happens apart from God - no history, no science, no geography - nothing. This is done by centering, not only the child's Biblical education, but all education around the God who created it all, continually pointing their hearts and minds to the Creator in every action, event or catastrophe in the science, history and progression of mankind and the earth. The child's mindset is shaped to see that God is in all, above all, and never separate from science, history, art, geography. They see that when God is glorified in the hearts of man, science, history, art and all areas of knowledge progress rapidly; but when God is forgotten, the once amazing beauty, wisdom and advancements begin to dwindle and come to a startling halt, even deteriorating and showing depravity and darkness.

When we teach history, science, art, even geography and all subjects apart from God, we are essentially giving our child the same secular humanistic mindset that we grew up modeling. Many of us have a hard time removing God from His Sunday box, and placing Him in all things. Morning devotions, if they are done, don't carry into history, science and math. God is hardly mentioned again, except in discipline when the children are reminded what God expects of them.

A Biblical worldview essentially infiltrates the mind with the knowledge that without God, nothing is possible and nothing exists, not even the tiny glittering sparkles they see when they examine an impatien flower up close. When a child is given a Biblical worldview, they think of God constantly. When they read a beautiful story, they are thankful that God gave man the ability to weave words into tales that provoke emotion - they might ponder how some are able to express their God given creativity in writing and not even realize they are living out their God given potential, while others use the talents given by God to glorify the enemy, or mankind in a way that leaves God out, or worse, defames Him. They see everything as part and parcel of God and His creation, and every choice they make in light of their worldview. My children are taught "Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus." When they play baseball, dance ballet, choose between activities and do school work, I remind them to do it for Jesus - with excellence, glorifying God.

Secular humanism teaches history as man's history. They teach about leaders and civilizations and the subsequent fall of both as man's achievements and failings, rather than as God's hand upon mankind, both blessing and removing His hand of blessing. Secular humanism teaches science as the understanding of the natural world and how it works apart from God. Children taught with secular/neutral texts are taught that science is a separate subject from God. They are taught to compartmentalize God. This is tragic, and exactly how we were all trained to think.

Oh, I'm sorry. I've not been brief. But that's the gist of it.

Thanks for listening!!!

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