Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shooting Stars

Do you call them shooting stars or falling stars? Whatever you call're in for a treat tonight and tomorrow night (Sunday and Monday). The annual Perseid meteor shower will be awesome tonight. If you are out stargazing, you'll see a few here and there. However, around 11:00 pm, the show begins. You will see many meteors streak across the sky until dawn.

Have fun! Let the kids stay up late. Look towards the North for the best view.


Mercy said...

Is that for everyone? The reason I ask is because the news has been announcing the meteor showers that have been going on Friday, Saturday and last night. We missed Friday (we didn't know about it then), and stayed up late (from midnight to 1am) to watch them Saturday night and my husband caught a few glimpses from 12:00-12:30 last night. We're on the west coast. I'm not sure if that matters. Should we keep our eyes out tonight too? If I know for sure it's going on tonight, I think I'll take a ride out somewhere dark, because I think we missed some of the show since we're in a semi-city type environment.

Anyway, thanks for letting us know!


Anonymous said...

My oldest son was at a boys back yard camp out. The parents took them to a nearby soccer field to see it. Hubby and I watched from our back deck. Our youngest DS who is 7 and made us promise to wake him for it was just too zonked out to wake up.Of course the VERY first thing out of his mouth when he woke up was a very indignant "WHY didn't you wake me up!!" Ummm.... of course he doesn't recall our heroic efforts to wake him. LOL!


K said...

Thanks for coming to Oregon last week!
What a blessing you have been not only to us in Oregon- but to the Christian homeschooling community as a whole.