Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sample Schedule

I'm so sorry I haven't posted the sample of the schedule I am creating for my son. Life seems to always get in the way of all my great plans. I still haven't finished the schedule. I had several projects to do for Apologia, then I had to go to Washington DC to pick up my daughter from her ballet intensive. Then, my boys were horseback riding all week while the girls did ballet. It seemed my car was where I spent my entire week last week. Now I'm getting everything ready for a trip to Oregon where I will be speaking at the Oceanetwork conference there, and seeing old friends.

As promised, here is a preview of the schedule I'm creating for my 11 year old (5/6th grade) son. This is the first week. I've only done 14 weeks. As I said, I am not done and things may still change with it. I'm sorry if it's difficult to read. I had to convert it from a table to an image and it lost some of the resolution in the transfer.

He will have the schedule coil bound into a book and he will be responsible for making certain he does all his work each day/week. This is for him to follow - not me.
He'll be doing Teaching Textbooks 6. I love Teaching Textbooks for the younger grades. For Algebra, I recommend other programs.
Since he has read all my science books, he will be doing science through an online course called the Edison Project. It has a quiz he has to turn in every Friday. We're not used to testing, but the course looks like it will be right up his alley. He's done a lot of robotics and can build a computer from scratch, so this is a great avenue for him this year.
I have added science books to his reading list as he truly detests fiction and only likes to read science books. We are doing Phonics Intervention to help him on his progress of overcoming dyslexia - which may be why he doesn't like fiction. We are also using a reading intervention program called Passport to Reading. It's for older struggling readers. Very expensive. I'll let you know if it is effective. I am expecting this to be a landmark year with his reading! My nine-year-old doesn't struggle with reading and will have a completely different set of readers at a higher level.

We will use the Big Book of Latin for Latin. Only my 11 year old and my 14 year old will do Latin. I have used other Latin programs, but BBoL seems to be really easy to teach. Charlotte Mason was a big advocate of teaching Latin and I think it's the most logical way to provide a foreign language for our children - no need to speak the language! There are other benefits. But I don't think it necessary to begin when they are young.

His handwriting will include dictation. He'll be doing a cursive handwriting book I created that includes a devotional with every verse he writes. This will give him practice with cursive, memorizing Scripture and spiritual food for thought! I'm getting it ready to offer as an ebook.

For history, we've decided to do Diana Waring's CD's with extra reading and notebooking. I love her CD's; they are so lively and are simply fascinating. Diana is my all time favorite history person. I highly recommend her CD's for whatever time period you are studying.
So, that's it for now! Let me know if you have any questions!