Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Homeschool eStore

I'm excited to announce that I have joined forces with Homeschool eStore to sell my e-Books!

Here is a quote about Homeschool Estore: is the only eBook and audio book site specializing in Homeschool curriculum. This is a great place to get instant access to many eBooks and audios for homeschoolers. They use the latest Adobe server technology, allowing publishers to make eBooks available easily, instantly, cheaply and completely free of shipping costs.

Here are the eBooks I'm selling through Homeschool Estore:

Cursive Contemplations

Most writing students do today is done on a computer. Consequently, many don’t have the opportunity to practice the cursive handwriting style they learned when they were younger. If they don’t practice, however, they don’t develop neat cursive writing and often end up preferring print. Print is laborious and tedious when writing long essays; thus, it is important to practice cursive and become fluid with writing it neatly and legibly. By practicing a bit each day, writing cursive will become easier and easier.

Psalm 91: The Shelter Copywork
Because copywork has been shown to improve not only handwriting, but spelling and grammar, many are seeing amazing benefits from consistently adding copywork into the school week. However, the benefits of memorizing Scripture are useful for building character, a love for God and faith in Him.
The Psalm 91 copywork eBook allows children to obtain all the benefits of copywork and Scripture memory, using one of the most wonderful verses in Scripture of God's protection and care for us.
This daily copywork eBook takes your child step-by-step through Psalm 91, teaching reading fluency, spelling, grammary, handwriting, writing and the Word of God. By the end of the year, your child will be able to recite and write the entire verse from memory.
Included in the introduction are instructions for using the Charlotte Mason method of copywork and dicatation to improve spelling, grammar and language usage.

Spelling Solutions: For Struggling Spellers

Some students are natural spellers, others are not. Why? The difference is that natural spellers have learned how to imprint the correct spelling of words into their minds. When natural spellers see a misspelled word, they know it's misspelled, not because they know the rule, but because the misspelled word does not match the picture they have in their minds of that word. Natural spellers naturally photograph words and store them in their heads for retreival. Rules may be helpful with words they have not yet photographed; but ultimately, it's not rules but mind pictures that makes one a good speller. Poor spellers simply do not know how to take pictures of words and imprint them onto the mind. This is where Spelling Solutions comes in.
Spelling Solutions teaches students how to do what comes naturally for good spellers using a process described by Charlotte Mason in the early 1900's. This is done by taking photographs of the 250 most commonly used words in the English language. Spelling Solutions 2 follows this with the second 250 most commonly used words. After using this program, your child will not only be able to spell the common words, they will have been trained in mind photography so that they can apply this to any word they come across. Once they have learned how to "take a picture" of words, they will do it throughout their lives and become natural spellers after all.
This eBook is eCards. You will print the words and the instructions on 250 index cards (3 x 5 or bigger).

Speak UP! Public Speaking Course

Statistics show that most people would rather jump from an airplane than speak in public. Even more astonishing, the fear of speaking is greater than the fear of death.
Amazingly, only five percent of the people in the entire world are capable and willing to stand up and address the public. This begs the question: "Who are those five percent?" and, "Will your child be in that five percent?"

Since virtually every adult pursuit or career requires one to address a group at some time or another, shouldn’t equipping our children with the skill of public speaking be an important part of their education? Practically, the only sure way to overcome the fear of public speaking is to speak in public. The best way to get practice is through a class or co-op setting designed to promote and perfect presentations and public speaking in a safe environment. You can create that environment using this manual as your guide. This manual is designed for a teacher (experienced or inexperienced) to facilitate a group of students in learning this vital life skill in a fun and educational manner. Using lesson plans, a suggested schedule, games, activities, handouts and scripted teaching, students will learn how to write speeches and perfect their presentation skills, while gaining experience with the different genres of competitive speech. For ages 8 - 18

Homeschool Estore carries a lot of great eBooks. I'm really glad to have joined with them to carry my titles.