Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Resurrecting Your Dream

Do you have a dream in your heart? Is there something you have always wanted to do, but just haven’t found your way to do it? Is there some special desire that keeps creeping into your thoughts, something you shelved years ago. Or maybe it’s still in the “someday” category. I believe God has given you that dream and wants you to seek Him for its fulfillment.

I blogged about our children having been created for a purpose; this week, I felt I should also address the fact that YOU, also, have been given a calling, a special intention for your days on earth. As homeschool moms, we are co-laboring with God on behalf of our children. Yet, for us, that’s not the only objective God has for our lives – most of us will live for another forty or fifty years beyond our homeschooling days. If you don’t have some special interest that you would love to pursue, I believe God will give one to you one day.

When I first became a Christian, I thought it was selfish or wrong to want to accomplish the dream that was in my heart. I didn’t realize that God was shining His light upon my little unsaved heart and guiding me into His purposes for my life. A few years after I found the Lord, I gave my dream to God and told Him I would let it go for Him. As I did, I felt an assurance from God that the dream was His, not mine alone, and He would bring it to fulfillment. It was if I could finally relax, and let God bring it about. My dream was to write a book. Now, God had to refine that dream. I wanted to write a novel in my younger years, and a Bible study in my older years. God continues to work on and refine my dreams. My job is to maintain a close walk with Him so that I stay within the center of His will for my days, weeks, months and years. I can be like that little lamb that gets drawn away by the interesting things on other paths. Thankfully, my Shepherd always comes and finds me and steers me back onto His perfect path. Then, I stray again…but that’s another blog. I want to talk about you.

What if that dream doesn’t seem like something that is ministry oriented? God created us in his image and He has passed on His own creativity and ingenuity to us. When Adam named the animals, he did so to the glory of God. When Abel reared his cattle, he did so to the glory of God. When the Proverbs 31 woman made and sold belts and sold real estate and looked after her servants, she did so to the glory of God, using her special gifts and talents with excellence. God is glorified when we express His character, His creativity, His beauty and excellence in the things we do. I’ll never forget the phrase in Chariots of Fire when the mother said something to the effect of, “You can glorify God by peeling a potato for Him.” Indeed, Eric Liddle glorified God when He ran in the Olympics.

What is that special calling He has put in your heart? What is that dream? As we enter into relationship with the Lord, spending time in His Word, in prayer and fellowship, He will begin to reveal His purpose. He will refine the dreams that you have rustling in your heart. Then, as we seek Him for strength, peace and power, He will move us (sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly) into that place where we joyfully fulfill the purpose He has for us, and find satisfaction in Him as we walk along the path He has carved out just for us.

But what about defeat? What about failure? Do the failures you experienced yesterday still haunt you, making you afraid to dream again? Remember that a righteous man may fall seven times, but rises again. Don’t let your past failures keep you from pursuing the purpose God has for you.

It’s time to allow God to resurrect the dream that has been buried all these years. Allow it to come to the surface again so that you can place it into the hands of your loving Father. He will reshape, refine it and make it even more beautiful. He will then hand it back to you as His special gift to you, His beloved child.