Thursday, November 15, 2007

Signs and Seasons is having a Christmas Sale

Classical Astronomy is have a Christmas sale on Signs and Seasons. This is a fantastic astronomy course for middle school/high school students. If your kids are ready for a deeper look at the night skies, this book is perfect.

I got a chance to read through the galley copy when I was on vacation and enjoyed every minutes of it. Jay Ryan has done a great job. I plan to review it in the spring, but in the mean time, here is a miniature review I wrote that you will find on the back cover of the book:

Signs & Seasons presents clear explanations in a captivating writing style that is peppered with interesting and little-known facts, as well as activities that make it all very concrete and applicable. I’ve never seen a better explanation of the spatial and geometric relationships of the earth and the heavenlies. This course is perfect for any middle school or above student ready for the next step in understanding astronomy. They are sure to become wiser as they discover the lost skills that served as the foundational learning of the early scientists from Ancient Greece to the Colonial era. I highly recommend this book as a follow-up to my Astronomy course, and one that will take the student further with their studies, giving them a near perfect understanding of the expanse of the heavens and God’s purpose for astronomy.

Also, while you are over there checking out the book, be sure to sign up for Jay's astronomy newsletter. You'll be the first to hear of approaching comets, eclipses and other night sky phenomena.