Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Chit Chat

Our Christmas break started some time last week. One morning, I woke up and decided, "We're on Christmas Vacation! Get all these books in the cabinets; I don't want to see them again until next year." So we did. I considered making them continue with their math studies, fearing they would forget the new material I labored to teach them. Then I realized that we all really needed a genuine break; I could just reteach it if they forget. It's not going to kill me.

However, I am requiring my boys to be creative over the holidays. They love making movies and I think they are quite good at it. So, I assigned them to three hours of movie making per day. This is great for them and it keeps them from wandering around the house starting fights with the others out of their boredom (Idle hands and all). I've discovered that bored boys often choose to be bad boys. LOL.

Another thing we are doing is watching Christian movies on Netflix. They have this thing where you can watch movies online if you have an account with them. It's on the front page of Netflix. You click on Watch Instantly and then in the box on the right you click on Faith and Spirituality. You can find a lot of great documentaries and movies that highlight faith in God. We watched a short short film called In the Arms of Angels. It's a true story and is really touching. We also watched Seven Alone. It's an old movie about the Sager children that crossed the Oregon Trail alone. The book (On to Oregon) was better, but the movie was good and stayed fairly true to the real story.

The girls are out of ballet, which makes my life so much easier. Ballet is such a blessing in our life; but it has really caused me to put many projects on hold because it's so time consuming. I have to remember, though, that this is my oldest daughter's dream and I want to give her every chance she can get to reach her big dream of becoming a ballerina.

While we break, I'm preparing talks for a women's retreat that I have been asked to do here in Georgia. It's such a blessing and priviledge and I want the Lord's guidance on everything I say to these sweet women.

I'm also working on my extremely belated newsletter. My newsletter fell by the wayside during my father's illness and death; and in my hurry scurry to finish Zoology 3, I could not get to it until now. The focus is on Character Training and giving our children a heart for God as homeschoolers. It's almost ready, but I plan to wait until January to send it because that's when we really need a new vision. If you haven't yet signed up to receive it, there is a box on the right that you can fill in your email address to sign up.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to spend time with the Lord, seeking what my goals for the new year will be. What do I hope to accomplish this year? What are my spiritual goals? What goals do I have as a mother? Goals for each of my children? What are personal goals that I have for our family, our marriage, Fulbright Publications, for writing, for blogging, for speaking?

I have found that if I don't write out my goals, making them somewhat formal - I am less likely to accomplish them. I also have found that if I make goals in the flesh, I'm less likely to accomplish them. Goals should be made when I'm prayerful during a quiet time with God.

I'm not a super "set goals" kind of person. Yet, when I have done it, I have seen them come to fruition, more so than when I just "hope" we will do certain things this year. Frankly, it doesn't make much sense to me. Perhaps there is some spiritual law at work; I don't know. All I know is that whenever I have set goals in the past, I've been able to complete the necessary steps to achieve that goal. It's odd. Maybe it causes me to be more focused, less likely to get sidetracked or comitt to things that will steal my time and ability to reach my goal. I'm not sure why it works.

Thus, because of my own personal case history, I will be setting goals for the new year. I hope I have encouraged you to do so. It would be awesome to hear that you fulfilled your goals as well.