Monday, March 31, 2008

Jesus - the Same Yesterday, Today and Always

I was reading through a devotional today called Little Pillows. It's a sweet, small book of devotions that are especially touching and deep, though written in somewhat antiquated language. The devotion I read today was quite nurturing to my own soul. It talked of the fact that Jesus is the same.

The author encouraged us to recount the times when we have felt close to Jesus, bathed in His love and accepted by Him. Then she reminded us that if we’re not feeling that way today, it's not because Jesus loves us any less. His love for us, His acceptance—total and complete joy and delight in us—has not changed one bit. The distance we feel from Him is because we’ve drawn away and have perhaps believed that He does not feel that way about us right now. The truth is: His feelings for you have not changed. He still feels the same about you as He did when you felt His love so fully.

Jesus stands with His arms just as open, just as ready to forgive and forget. He’s here to help you with your struggles, sins, and attitudes. He's just as willing to embrace you and nurture you with His tender mercy. Turn to Him and receive His love.

Jesus is the same; He never changes.

That's so comforting to me. I hope it blesses you today as well.

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JenIG said...

hi Jeannie! I just wanted to pop by and say hi. I was thinking about you earlier this week.
Jen Igarashi