Sunday, February 3, 2008

Encourage One Another Daily

It's so important that we surround our lives with encouragement. God's Word tells us that we need encouragement daily. Are you getting daily encouragement? Are your friends encouraging to you? Do you listen to encouraging messages on the radio or the computer? Do you read encouraging blogs? Are you being encouraged in your walk with God?

If not, I think you will find a big change in your life if you are proactive to seek some encouragement each day. It's so easy to fall into a place of discouragement, despair. It's so tempting to feel overwhelmed at the task ahead.

Over and over we see in the New Testament how important encouragement is. Paul is always sending someone to encourage a group of believers. He talks a great deal about being encouraged. Certainly being a Christian in those times necessitated encouragement. I believe being a homeschooler also necessitates encouragement.

When we allow ourselves to be encouraged, we gain "courage" to face the future and all that we must do to successfully educate our kids and bless others. We begin to lift up our eyes to the hills from whence comes our help, fixing our eyes on Jesus - who gives us strength. We are able to see greater purpose in our lives. Encouragement gives us hope for what lies ahead. We can then get excited about the future, rather than full of fear and worry about our children's weaknesses and our failings.

Through encouragement, we overcome despair, discouragement and fear. The Lord tells us more than 365 times in the Word not to fear. He wants you to be of good courage, to be confident - for He promises to fulfill His purposes, his great plans, for you and your children.

Seek out friends, websites, radio programs, podcasts, blogs and people that will build you up. Receive encouragement each day and then give it away to others.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thes 5:11