Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Clark Howard Speaks to the Heart of Homeschoolers

Although, I'm confident that the California Ban on Homeschooling ruling will be scrapped from the books, Clark Howard makes some wonderful points about homeschooling, and why Finland is a succeeding in education: it's because the teachers are doing what homeschool teachers do - teaching what they are led to teach, choosing their own curriculum and giving kids an education that inspires them, not burns them out and drags them down.

Read the text from Clark Howard's website:

California outlaws home schooling

Clark is glad that he doesn't have high blood pressure, because he'd be steaming right now! The California Court of Appeals has outlawed home schooling. They want parents who wish to take on the burden and challenge of teaching their kids at home to be criminalized. This is an outrageous infringement on personal liberty. The home schooling movement started in the fundamentalist Christian community, but it's since crossed over to about 2 million people of all types. Clark's concern is that as goes California, so goes the nation. Our Soviet-style monopoly school system is not succeeding, so home-schooling must not be outlawed. How does the U.S. rank academically? A recent international test of 10th graders shows that we're sandwiched between Latvia and Lithuania in the middle of the list. Finland has the highest achieving students in the world. The Scandinavian nation doesn't have a government-mandated curriculum; every teacher must decide for him or herself what to teach. Finnish teachers are not well compensated, but people clamor for the job because they can be true entrepreneurs in the classroom. Finnish classrooms don't use modern technology and kids don't start school until age 7. We here in the U.S. have got to get out of our "one size fits all" mindset where we spend fortunes on education for no meaningful results. Think this doesn't affect you because you don't have kids? Huge amount of your taxes are still spent to support schools that are failures.