Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Connecting with God Part 3

I want to touch on worship and praise again because I used to struggle so much with this and felt there might be some of you that struggle with this as well.

Worship and praise of the Lord is not just a blessing for God, it's a powerful gift that God has given to us. I believe it is supernatural somehow. We see this in Scripture, the army of the Lord was able to defeat an enormous foe simply by sending out the worship team ahead of the soldiers.

It may be that praise and worship defeats the enemy over our lives. It may also be that praise and worship unleashes the angels of God to minister to our souls. Maybe it unleashes the Spirit of God to work in our hearts, removing our "baggage" and all the things that hinder us from really communing with the Lord. Maybe it just puts our spirits in the right frame of mind, so to speak. I don't know what it is - but, truly, it is amazing how spending time in worship - maybe the whole time - transforms your quiet times into what your soul really needs.

I know that in my own experience that if I come to my quiet time with worry, anxiousness or an unsettled feeling in my heart, longing for the peace that only God can give - I'm at a loss until I have truly spent time in praise and worship. When I'm especially down, I spend most of my quiet time reading the Psalms aloud.

Psalm 145 is greatly encouraging. If need be, I will read on until the end of the book of Psalms - outloud. If I still have not entered into that worshipful spirit in my heart, then I'll flip through the Psalms and begin to pour out my soul with the lamenting Psalms - you know, the "Save me!" Psalms. Inevitably, through calling out to God, using the very words of King David, I find rest for my soul. Then, and only then, can I be still before Him in my quiet time.

Sometimes, the worship and praise took so long that it is all the time I had. HOwever, if I finally received the peace in my heart that was missing, it was productive: I connected with God.

Othertimes, there is more that I need to pray, sort out and work through. Sometimes, God really has a lot He wants to reveal to me in His Word and in my spirit. Eitherway, until my soul has been quieted and stilled through worship, I can't really pray in faith and "in the Spirit" where I'm receiving direction from the Holy Spirit about how to pray, and inspiration and answers from Him.

Now, there are many times that I come to my quiet time with an attitude of worship and I don't need the help of the Psalms - I can almost write my own Psalms as I praise Him with all my heart. Those times are especially wonderful as I am instantly connecting with the Lord in my spirit.

I hope this has helped you see how praise and worship of the Lord is so vital. God is so good to offer us this blessing, the blessing of praising His glorious Name. Praising Him accomplishes His purposes in our hearts.