Monday, July 14, 2008

I recently ran into a sweet, godly homeschooling mother. She hesitantly shared with me that she may not be homeschooling her oldest through high school, but was considering a private school. I could tell she was nervous to tell me that, but I reassured her that I didn't judge her decision; after all, if God guides you to put your child in school - He has a reason for it. This caused her to stop and ponder. She admitted that she wasn't sure if God was guiding her to do it. Her reasons for doing it had more to do with fear, confusion, feelings of inadequacy and relationship concerns.

I encouraged her to wait for the Lord's peace, to seek Him and be led by Him - He may very well guide her to put her child in school. Yet, if it were not God's perfect will - she didn't want to walk that path. Anytime we make decisions based on fear of failure, fear of inadequacy or based on our emotions, rather than a strong peace from God - we may be falling onto a trail that is dark and much more difficult to traverse - and it often leads us where we didn't want to go.

It's hard to find true peace and joy when we are not following the narrow path marked out for our family. That narrow path may include putting your children in school - but it may not. The key is to find out - not by human reason, but through the leadership of the Holy Spirit (Who leads with confidence and peace).

When we experience trials and tribulations in our marriage, we don't consider it a sign that we need to get a divorce. When we experience trials and tribulations in our homeschooling, it's not a sign that we need to put our children in school. It is an opportunity to watch our very big God overcome and give us a victory in all of our seemingly impossible situations. When we enter rocky terrain, it's not time to turn back - it's time to call upon He who will remove the rocks from our path or give us supernatural strength to climb over them.

God is able to overcome all the struggles, trials, temptations and relationship problems we face. Prayer works, especially when it's coupled with faith that God will most certainly come to our rescue and an expectation that He cares and will certainly show up in a powerful way. In the same way we are certain the sun will rise, we should expect God to rescue us from the deep waters that threaten to drown us. That's faith: knowing that God is coming to our aid.

To quit homeschooling because of turbulence is to give up. This gives the enemy a victory - for we have not been given a spirit of fear (that's from the evil one). If he can gain ground in your life by achieving the victory of making you disregard the thing which God has called you to do, he has achieved a victory. It is the enemies plan to continue to gain ground in your family life. We must learn to fight the battle with the weapons God has provided for our warfare - the Word of God, which is all Truth.

I think there is only one valid reason to quit homeschooling. That is: you feel a strong peaceful leading from the Lord that you should not homeschool anymore. You know that you know - not because it seems the only solution to problems. God has a perfect course for your family, and He longs to direct your steps. Maybe you aren't sure why you feel such a peace about it, but you just feel strongly led in that direction. In that case, you would be wrong to homeschool.

In my next post, I will list the many reasons people use to quit homeschooling, and solutions to those reasons.