Monday, March 9, 2009


Okay. Well, I wasn't really gone (per se), but have been inordinately busy this fall/winter and have not had a second to post, nor to send out my promised newsletter. Sorry about that. 

What I HAVE been doing is rather exciting however. I've been creating some wonderful products to go with my books and have been working on the Exploring Creation with Anatomy book, which will be published this summer.

First, let me explain the new products to go with my books. Essentially, they are Notebook Journals to accompany each book. These journals have unique and fun templates for all the activities and assignments in the book, plus they include Scripture copywork (both cursive and print), vocabulary crossword puzzles, review questions for each chapter, project pages to record experiments and additional ideas, experiments, books and videos for each lesson. But the most exciting thing, by far, is the gorgeous, full-color lapbook-style miniature books that your children can create for each lesson. 

They will be called Notebooking Journals. They will be spiral bound with a nice color cover and they will serve as the student's own notebook. They retail for $25.00 through 

Click the link below to see a sample from Astronomy. I'll have a sample of Botany up soon. Included in this sample are: the teacher notes, descriptions and explanations for how to use the book, a weekly schedule, and the first lesson of Astronomy, as well as samples from different lessons for the miniature books. 

Here is a link to a sample of the Astronomy Notebooking Journal.

Astronomy and Botany will be available this spring, while the rest will be available this summer. 

Here is a product description for Exploring Creation with Anatomy:

God created humans in His image, and endowed us with a desire to learn about Him, about our world, and about ourselves.  Studying God’s most marvelous and chief creation with Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology will give you and your students insight into God’s nature, imparting a greater appreciation of His amazing and miraculous handiwork. 

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology is the sixth book in the Young Explorer Series. Using the Charlotte Mason methodology, this elementary-level science curriculum gives students an introduction to the fascinating design of the human body.

After briefly reviewing the history of the man’s attempts to understand the human body, students are taught about the highly complex, all-important cell.  The book then discusses the main systems of the human body, discussing in detail the Skeletal, Muscular, Digestive, Respiratory, and Circulatory Systems as well as several others. The book culminates by tying it all together with the study of Growth and Development. Procreation is addressed in terms of DNA and genes.

Throughout the book, students will have a wonderful time as they explore and learn with activities, projects and demonstrations that illustrate the concepts learned.  They will dissect a chicken wing to learn about bones and ligaments, create a camera box to learn about vision, find their own arteries, veins and capillaries, build a stethoscope, investigate the genetics of inheritance, test their muscle strength, explore the five senses and much, much more.

Throughout the course, students will enjoy adding illustrations of organs to their human body poster. They will also complete engaging and fun notebooking assignments to reinforce what they’ve learned.  

Throughout this fascinating course, Creation Confirmations will continually reveal God’s fingerprints in the unique and extraordinary design of the human body, building your student’s faith in the truth that they are indeed “Fearfully and wonderfully made.”

As soon as the rest of these products are completed, I will be back on a regular blog schedule. In the mean time, I'll post when I have a moment here and there. 


MidnightMom said...

Love the new notebook, Jeannie! Looks like a fantastic tool for my oldest to use alongside Astronomy, which we'll be doing in the next few months. We enjoyed "Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day" last summer, and it was a relief to have my oldest working independently for much of it. Thanks for this incredible series and wonderful tool for homeschoolers to use. I recommend your series to everyone! God bless your continued efforts :)

Kelli said...

Wow! I had not actually planned to buy the notebook. I have just been using something free off the internet. Seeing this sample, however has changed my mind. Great job! It looks like you have put a lot of work into this. I look forward to learning about Botany next Fall.

Berry Patch said...

I'm thrilled with the new Notebook Journals. I think they will add a wonderful element to this series. I really can't wait for the Anatomy book to come out. Seriously. I'm so excited!!! ;-)

Sitesx6 said...

You are finishing the Human Body one JUST IN TIME for us...we have completed every single one of the other Apologia books and are now going back through Astronomy for the remainder of this year. I was hoping you would have something new out for us by this summer to use for fall. :)

Looking forward to it. :)
Thanks for all of your hard work.

Sarah Joy said...

These notebook journals are an answer to my prayers! They are going to make teaching and keeping everything together so much easier. Please tell when these will become available????

Sarah said...

Hi Jeannie, this sounds very exciting! I have your book 'Exploring Creation with Astronomy' which the children and I will be starting in the 3rd term. Well to introduce myself I am a homeschooling mother in Australia in the state of Victoria! I have two great kids Joshua (8) and Grace (4)!

Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

Sounds like some exciting things in the works! Anatomy will be a great addition, and the notebook journals sound great. We just did a lapbook in conjunction with your Astronomy book in our homeschool co-op.

angelamills said...

I came across your books in a Christian Book Distributors catalog ande found your blog. I am looking for science for my soon to be first grader and I am so excited to find this! I've been reading about Charlotte Mason this year and I am so happy I found your books. I love your blog, it will definitely be in my blog reader. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Will anyone have these at GHEA in Atlanta the first weekend in May? I sure hope so, they sound great.

Thanks for your wonderful materials.

Trisha W. Northeast GA

Anonymous said...

We have completed your Astronomy book and the Botany book and have really enjoyed them. I am preparing for next school year and plan to use the Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day book.

Is your lapbook available for this yet? Are you also familiar with this lapbook set being sold online?

Is it the same thing?

Jeannie Fulbright said...

No the Zoology 1 Notebooking Journal is not yet available. Look for it near the end of the summer.