Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Traveling...and more

We just got back from a wonderful, exciting adventure in California. We visited relatives and made our way north from San Francisco to Sacramento to Monterrey and up to St. Helena. It was so fun! 

On that topic of travel, I want to relay a great review of my dear friend's HOMESCHOOL TRAVEL BUSINESS! 

Heidi with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, has interviewed Amy Davidson on Homeschoolblogger Here. 

Amy is one of my oldest and dearest friends (she's not old, though). Amy is the one person in my life who actually encouraged me to might have looked more like a rebuke at the time, though. LOL! She's wonderful. Check out her website and maybe you'll be heading to California! 

P.S. I posted the winners to the Notebooking Journal contest on my blog, but only a few have responded. Be sure to check if you won!


Joy said...

I am so excited about your Anatomy book coming out! Any idea when that might be? Also, will you have a notebooking journal out to go along with it?

TOSHeidi said...

Thanks for sharing the link to my blog, Jeannie! I had fun doing the interview with Amy.

We're looking forward to doing the Swimming Creatures book this year! We LOVE your books!

SB said...

Hi: I won way back when and wrote to you immediately but never heard should I send you my contact info? I won the Botany NJ and we're THRILLED about it :)

Please let me know how to get the info to you.

balvanzfamily AT gmail DOT com

Tracy said...

Hello Jeannie,
I was one of the winners of the Notebook give away you had. I have not recieved anything in the mail and I have emailed you several times with my address. I'm not sure at all if you recieved it or not. Not sure if I'm still supposed to be waiting for the notebook in the mail or if you didn't recieve my emails at all.

Please email me at

Tracy -Blog The Reed Family Blog

maewest said...

We absolutely LOVE your science books and are so grateful you have taken the time to produce these incredible resources. We've bought the notebooking journals for astronomy and botany already and are wondering when similar items will be available for the Flying Creatures/Swimming Creatures and Land Animals books.