Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Share the Love

Is it not the cry of our hearts to pass on to our children our own love for God­—to live out our faith in a way that models it for them?

When I’m walking closely with the Lord, I’m full of joy and excitement. Spending time with Him makes me more aware of His presence, His delight in me, and His mercy toward my weaknesses. In turn, I’m more merciful toward others and myself. This is reflected in my tone of voice and the way in which I treat my husband and children. When speaking of spiritual things, I’m more animated, and I dare say, my love for God is quite obvious and contagious.

On the other hand, if I’m too busy to walk closely with God, I’m really just living off the manna of yesterdays past. I trade my joy, excitement, and awareness of His mercy for a set of principles and rules to live by. I get religious, so to speak. Christianity is reduced to a lifestyle and worldview rather than a wonderful experience of God’s love, guidance, revelation, interest, and involvement in my life. My husband and children end up on the receiving end of a love grown cold—the very opposite of what I desire for them.

Cultivating our love for God is vital, necessary, and so rewarding. Yet it’s not easy when our days are filled with dirty dishes, dinner, discipline, and decimals. Our passion for the Lord often wanes in the midst of educating our children at home, yet staying close to the Lord must remain our priority. For it’s hard to pass on to our children a love for God that we ourselves do not possess.

Staying close to God requires time alone with Him—conversing with Him and studying His Word. Exactly what that looks like is different for each person. How have you managed to stay close to the Lord amidst the harried homeschool days? How have you passed on to your children your love for God? I would love to hear your ideas!