Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shout Out from College Parents' Day Weekend

I'm interrupting the College Crash Course series with a short post about our wonderful weekend. My daughter and her friend were put in charge of planning the Parents' Day Weekend for a large organization in which she is a member at the University of Georgia.

When we arrived, I was amazed at the grand scale of this event and marveled that it was executed by two 20 year old girls, with no help from anyone.

Jeff Fulbright, Heather Fulbright and Jeannie Fulbright
Parents' Day Weekend 
A large tent was set up on campus, along with fancy tables to seat 250 guests and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. As the band prepared the stage, the PowerPoint video and slideshow she created began.

My daughter handled the entire event, the staff, band, registration and announcements, with such professionalism, it made my mama heart sing. When 30 people arrived that had not sent an RSVP, the girls just smiled, sent someone to fetch more chairs and tables and prayed there was enough food.

That wasn't the only moment they fervently sought the Lord's intervention.

The forecast predicted thunderstorms. It was even raining when we left Atlanta. All throughout the day, the two girls stopped every thirty minutes, clasped hands and prayed earnestly. Miraculously, God blessed them with beautiful weather and added a gorgeous sunset to punctuate His answered prayers.

I kept trying to imagine executing an event like that when I was twenty. I tried to imagine executing an event like that at 45. The image didn't materialize.

The event planners with their proud moms.
Even as upscale as the event was, they came out under budget. One of the waitstaff told me that of all the parties they cater, the people running this event were the best they had ever worked with. I beamed with joy.

A great evening was had by all. I hope that one day you will experience the joy of seeing your child become a mature, capable, confident adult. Few things on earth will bless you more than that. 

Now let's get back to the College Crash Course!