Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Homeschool Nostalgia

Many of you who have gone on to graduate your homeschooler have moments of nostalgia that make you stop and sigh. I had one such moment today while watching a Youstream video of my daughter dancing in the Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen pageant.

I watched the video below, and reminisced. Not only was I reminded of this special moment of accomplishment, but I thought of all the hours I put into my child's education, passions and heart. It seemed endless, those years, those months, weeks and days. Even the hours and minutes could feel like a heart-wrenching hike through six feet of waist-deep snow, attempting to keep everyone alive and well to reach the summit.

During those homeschooling days, you question why you're doing it. What it's all for. Whether you're actually doing more harm than good. You worry. You wonder. You fear.

As one who has reached the summit and come down the sunny side of the mountain, I can honestly say, your sacrifice is worth it. Give it all you've got. Allow your child opportunities. Let them pursue their passions. Help them find and fulfill their dreams. You'll never regret the hours you put into parenting, loving, nurturing and developing your child to fulfill God's purpose for them.