The Joy of Learning about Botany

Children love to explore the fascinating inner workings of nature, from the anatomy of a tiny seed to the tops of the giant sequoias. The more they observe the intricacies and beauty of God’s creation, the greater their appreciation of and love for the amazing world He designed right outside their door. This is the joy of learning about botany!

Exploring Creation with Botany heightens in a child’s heart this fascination with the plant world, helping him understand the Creator behind it all. Through discovering the amazing design of flowers, trees, and all things green, students will comprehend the complexity and diversity God created within Kingdom Plantae. They will grow, not only in their knowledge of botany, but in their faith as they realize only an omniscient Creator could perfectly set in motion the beautiful plant world they enjoy. 

One mom wrote in a review that botany is not a subject she would have tackled on her own, however Exploring Creation with Botany made it easy to bring the topic to the elementary level. She commented that after discovering the other books in the series, she’s certain she’ll never again have to hear her children say, “Mom, science is boring!”

I wrote this book with your children in mind, and it is my sincere desire that they find great joy in learning about not only botany but the One who created the beauty of it all.